Witherspoon Distillery’s Bonfire ignites the senses with an infusion of our handcrafted rum and all natural cinnamon. Distilled in small batches to ensure superior quality and flavor, this spirit offers a distinct, yet bold flavor that finishes smooth and leaves you craving more.


Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Big and bold, our shockingly smooth 100 proof bourbon is perfectly balanced with the rich sweetness of corn and a slight rye spice, coming together to provide a clean finish.


River Rum

Cane sugar, Texas molasses, proprietary yeast and our small batch distillation process bring to life our full flavored plantation style rum with notes of cherry, vanilla and butterscotch.

River Rum Reserve is an oak aged version of our award winning River Rum, but with the added complexity and smoothness generated through barrel maturation. River Rum Reserve is only sold at Witherspoon Distillery.


Single Malt Whiskey

Condition aged on American white oak and finished in a used bourbon barrel, Witherspoon’s Single Malt is a one of a kind spirit offering a smoothness and complexity that places Texas on the map of the world’s great distilleries.